ArtCabbage Prize

ArtCabbage Prize

Open International Juried Art Competition

Venture into the expansive universe of art with the annual Art Cabbage Prize Open International Juried Art Competition!

This event is more than a celebration; it's a testament to the limitless boundaries of artistic expression. Recognizing that visual art thrives in myriad forms and techniques, ArtCabbage opens its arms wide to embrace every medium – be it painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, or any of the countless other forms the visual arts encompass.

In our endeavor to champion true artistic democracy, we welcome entrants from every corner of the globe. Regardless of country, background, or age, every artist possesses a unique voice and vision deserving of acknowledgment and appreciation.

Beyond the competition, the ArtCabbage Prize offers its winners an unparalleled opportunity for personal online exhibitions on the ArtCabbage portal, bringing their artistry to an international audience and establishing them in a community that thrives on diverse creativity.

Our discerning jury recognized the exceptional works of the outstanding artists:

Winners 2023

First place prize:

Dmitry Ginzburg, "Ghost in the Forest"

Second place prize:

Marysia Pawliukewicz, "Midnight Cry"

Third place prize:

Wilson Burge,"The Peaceful Wild"

Winners 2022

First place prize:

Robert Wiśniewski, "Temporal Reverie"

Second place prize:

Annika Hultgren, "Kaleidoscopic Dreams"

Third place prize:

Sarah Bun,"Veil of Verses"

Congratulations to the winners!

For those eager to embark on this artistic journey in 2024, we hope you kept your palettes ready and masterpieces primed!
We are now ready to announce the opening of submissions for ArtCabbage Prize 2024!

ArtCabbage Prize 2024

As ArtCabbage grows with you, the new Prize season is going to be bigger than ever! Not only “Visual arts” category awards, but special nominations in Fine art, Digital art, Photography, Performing arts, Literature, Fashion design, and Cinema!

Send in your images, videos, photos, projects, texts and poetry, designs! Let your vision be celebrated!

Winners shall be not only awarded with certificates, but will also receive media-support from ArtCabbage platform and social media for the whole year!

Participation in the ArtCabbage Prize 2024 is free!

How to Submit

  1. Write us an email with the subject: "Prize Submission - [Your Name]".
  2. In your email, specify which nomination you are applying for.
  3. Attach an artist's bio (a brief one is fine), any details about your work that you'd like to share, and your best piece of artwork.
    You need to send only one artwork per artist. If you send several, we shall choose one for you.
    If your files are too large to attach, Google Drive links are acceptable. For videos, we prefer Vimeo links.
  4. Send your submissions to

ArtCabbage Prize 2024 Timeline:

  • Submissions: 1 November 2023 - 1 August 2024
  • Winners Announcement: 1 September 2024

Seize this moment, share your passion, and let the world witness the brilliance of your creativity!