The Horror Industry and Why We Need It

by Ramilia Nasyrova

Ramilia Nasyrova

Fear is a constant companion in our lives. People have an odd fascination with the eerie and the unsettling. Whether it's the heart-pounding terror of a haunted house or the spine-chilling suspense of a horror movie, we seek out fear and thrill. It's the reason we willingly stand in long lines for roller coasters and get lost in the labyrinthine puzzles of escape rooms. We crave the adrenaline rush that comes with confronting our deepest anxieties, even if we don't consciously realize it.

The world around us is filled with genuinely terrifying events – diseases, deaths, crimes, and catastrophes. However, many of us prefer to confront our fears in a more controlled and detached manner. Horror provides a safe and enjoyable outlet to experience fear from a distance, where we have full control over the intensity and the outcome. It allows us to enter the "fight, flight, or freeze" mode in a secure environment.

In the realm of horror films, our brain activates the "fight, flight, or freeze" mechanism while watching. Our hearts race, our breath quickens, and our senses sharpen as we navigate through the terrifying storyline. Then comes the pivotal moment where fear gives way to relief and the exhilaration of survival. This shift from fear to relief is accompanied by the release of the "feel-good" hormone, dopamine.

While horror may induce momentary stress, it ultimately helps us decompress from our everyday worries. It provides a sense of catharsis that relieves tension and boosts our sense of self-assurance, preparing us to face future challenges with greater ease. In essence, it's like an emotional workout for the mind. According to research horror fans have shown more resilience during challenging times. They tend to adapt better to crisis situations and stressful environments, as they've learned valuable lessons on how to deal with panic and secure their safety through horror films.

Nevertheless, it's essential to be mindful of age restrictions, warnings for people with conditions such as epilepsy and heart problems, and, most importantly, individual preferences. No one should be forced into experiencing horror if it's not their cup of tea. The horror industry provides an avenue for those who willingly seek the thrill – a realm of fear and fascination that contributes positively to our well- being.

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