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Share Your Art with ArtCabbage: A Hub for Diverse Art Publication Opportunities

At ArtCabbage, we're on a constant journey to delve into the vast universe of art, bringing together creators, critics, and enthusiasts from every conceivable discipline. Whether you're making an impact in visual art, pioneering in digital creation, captivating audiences in performing arts, innovating the cinematic landscape, revolutionizing fashion, or weaving magic with words in literature, your voice is what we seek to amplify.

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Looking for a publication opportunity, got something to share, a query, a collaboration idea, or just want to drop a hello? We're all ears at Your insights, feedback, and concepts are the keystones that help us build a dynamic, inclusive community for art lovers worldwide.

Formats and Guidelines for Artist Submissions:

Publication-Ready Pieces
  • Length: Articles should be at least 300 words long, with submissions for the Literature section requiring a minimum of 500 words.
  • Language: Submissions must be in English to accommodate our global readership.
  • Originality: Your submission should be your own work and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Content: We welcome complete articles, essays, reviews, or features ready for publication, including text, images, and links to video or audio files (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo). All media must be copyright compliant and publicly accessible.
  • Material for Features
  • Artwork: For visual submissions, include at least 3 images of the work you're featuring.
  • Bio: A brief biography is essential to introduce you to our readers.
  • Information: Provide all details you'd like featured, including any relevant project descriptions, processes, or background stories. If you wish to include your social media links, please do so; however, note that we do not publish personal contact details like phone numbers and addresses.
  • Depth: The more comprehensive the information provided, the more detailed and profound the feature can be.
  • Art Publications Across Disciplines

    We are dedicated to offering publication opportunities for emerging talent and established professionals in the following categories:
  • Visual Art: Artists, gallery owners, curators.
  • Digital Art: Digital artists, graphic designers, photographers.
  • Performing Art: Actors, dancers, musicians, and everyone involved in the music scene.
  • Cinema: Filmmakers, scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers, makeup and costume artists.
  • Fashion: Fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, fashion photographers.
  • Literature: Writers, poets, literary critics.
  • Student art: students, emerging artists and young specialists in all the abovementioned categories
  • What Kind of Features Are Available at ArtCabbage?

    Our platform features a variety of artistic explorations, including, but not limited to, exhibition reviews, essays on art and culture, artist features, designer collection reviews, event listings, in-depth interviews, play analyses, script reviews, actor features, designer spotlights, literary critiques, music album dissections, dance performance reflections, digital art showcases, visual art analyses, curator interviews, gallery spotlights, fashion trend discussions, and much more.

    How to Submit:

    To submit your work or material for a feature, email us at with "Submission" in the subject line. Please, check the guidelines before sending and make sure to include everything that is needed.

    Our dedicated team will review your submission promptly and reach out to you with feedback, suggestions, or publication details. We believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

    Embrace the opportunity to feature your work in a space that appreciates the breadth of artistic expression.

    Warm regards,
    The ArtCabbage Team