Essence of Art: A Review of the Resonant Exhibition

by Jenny Hutch

Essence of Art exhibition

"Essence of Art", Boomer gallery, London, 150 Tooley Street, SE1 2TU

Nestled within the harmonious blend of distinctive artistic expressions, the Essence of Art exhibition, that took place from the 8th to the 13th of September in Boomer Gallery, becomes a universe unto itself, capturing viewers into a journey across varied thematic and stylistic landscapes. Unfurling the tapestries of unique stories, under perceptive eye of the special guests Yuxi Wang, International Project Director from Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and Anthony Fawcett, art critic and historian from Oxford University, the exhibit provides a plethora of experiences, deftly handling different cultures, narratives, and visual languages in one unified space.

Spiritual and Mythological Layers

Essence of Art exhibition

"Ghost in the Forest" by Dmitry Ginzburg (left) and “the Skull” by Winfried Steiner (right)

Inviting us to the topic of all things spiritual, Dmitry Ginzburg tells us about his hauntingly beautiful realm through one of his stellar pieces: a ghost, rendered in a breathtakingly sublime palette of purple and green tones. This spectral entity, simultaneously ethereal and vivid, navigates through layers of reality and illusion, reflecting artist's signature style of blending fantastical elements with poignant real-world anchorages. Winfried Steiner, on the other hand, serenades the tactile and tangible through his metallic articulations. His creation - a meticulously sculpted skull, speaks volumes of life, mortality, and existence, with a stark contrast to Ginzburg’s ethereal apparition. Steiner’s skull, while physically present and tangible, raises inquiries into the intangible: notions of life, death, and what lingers thereafter.

Junara Greco continues this profound exploration into spiritual and cultural narratives through her vibrant canvases. Layering West African and Brazilian indigenous deities, beliefs, and stories, she crafts a rich tapestry that invites viewers to navigate through the trials, victories, and mystical realms of human existence. Greco’s strong or subtly used colors weave stories that linger in the mind, a rich allegory transmuting traditional narratives into contemporary explorations.

Essence of Art exhibition

"Essence of Art", Boomer gallery

Metamorphosis and the Spirit

Romina Batino-Stifler’s photographic series immerses the viewer in a poignant narrative that traverses her life’s metamorphosis during the 2020 pandemic. Her lens, capturing both the mundane and the mystical, reflects her internal journey from a legal manager to an artist, embodying a courage that emanates from every print. Each photograph becomes a testament to the transformative power of art and a poignant reminder that it is never too late to embrace one’s passions.

Essence of Art exhibition

"Ensemble" by Philip Murphy (left) and “Dolce vita di tartaruga” by Dmitry Ginzburg (right)

Philip Murphy brings forth a unique flavor to the exhibition with his intense explorations into the interplay between musicians, their audience, and the ethereal realm that encapsulates the musical experience. One standout piece showcased an intricate dance of musicians in meditative trance, the essence of their being beautifully rendered with a blend of oils and graphite. The work is a visual symphony, evoking the rhythms and harmonies of the music world while delving deep into the intangible feelings that transcend mere physical presence, beckoning viewers to feel, listen, and understand the profound connections that lie beyond mere sight.

Se Fenger and their wide-spanning career across more than 50 international exhibitions, including the revered “Temperature: Contemporary Art Exhibition” at the Louvre, brought an air of established, yet ever-evolving artistry to the space. Fenger’s multi-award-winning prowess illuminated the exhibit, presenting a vibrant panorama of their experiences across countries and cultures.

Essence of Art exhibition

"Essence of Art", Boomer gallery

A Confluence of Journeys

Teresa Husarska’s voyage in ceramics stood out as one navigates through the exhibit. Her educational and creative journey, interspersed with international experiences from Poland, South Korea, USA, and UK, resonates vividly through her work. The ceramics, elegantly displayed, echo the subtle, yet profound, influences of the various cultures she has absorbed, melding them into pieces that speak a universal language of artistry and design.

In a similar vein, Su Barikan orchestrates a harmonious blend of visual artistry, philosophy, and technological prowess. Her work, shaped by experiences from Istanbul to the Netherlands, becomes a symphony of design, technology, and intuitive creativity. Especially noteworthy is her collaborative work on robot visual designs during her time in the Netherlands, which bridges the tangible and digital realms in a dance of futurism and tradition.

A Universality in Diversity

In the amalgamation of artists, the exhibition curates a plethora of narratives and styles. Together, they construct a universe where the viewer is invited to traverse through varied emotional, cultural, and stylistic landscapes. From the abstract to the hyper-real, traditional to contemporary, and the physical to the digital, the exhibition echoes a harmony found within the eclectic. Each piece, while distinctly individual in its voice, collectively threads a narrative of human expression in its myriad forms.

In the end, the exhibit emerges not merely as a display of artistic pieces but a confluence of journeys, stories, and explorations that resonate across the diverse tapestry of human experience. It becomes a space where the viewer is invited to wander, to explore, and to discover a universality encapsulated within the vividly diverse expressions of each artist.

In a world where physical boundaries have often divided us, this exhibition becomes a reminder of the unifying, boundless spirit of artistic expression, echoing shared human experiences, emotions, and stories across the vast tapestry of cultural and personal narratives.