Surreal short stories

by Arvin Abadi

Writers publication opportunity: Short stories by Arvin Abadi


Today I fell in love with a prostitute while smoking in the park, her mother was addicted to weed and weed, but she was a good girl, and the interesting thing is that she was not yet of legal age and she was smoking weed, Diba was only 16 years old; And interestingly, he used to wash flowers with his mother sometimes; I think it was because no mother wants a bad child; This story became a complete tragedy for me today, I took him to the park and talked to him; I took his hand; Her hands were very beautiful because her nails were painted with vivid orange polish that made people fall in love with her. I told her, don't let anyone take advantage of you, you are still very little girl, she just kept silent and didn't say anything;

After a few minutes of silence, he started opening his heart and said: I am a child of divorce; I'm getting sick of this life, I can't get nervous anymore, my mother is thinking about her boyfriend and she goes to his house, and I don't even have anything to eat at home. A few days ago, the same guy that my mother has a relationship with was standing behind the door of my room and was staring. Yesterday morning, I was also upset because as soon as I came to make breakfast for myself, he came and was rubbing my back. I told him that since you are playing so much, you don't have a lot of money, you are having a relationship with my mother, right?! Shame on you!! At the same time, he said that I told this to my mother, but my mother acts indifferently as if nothing happened. It's true that he was explaining this to me, but I was holding him in my arms so that he could tell me anything he wanted and be light, but denying this didn't help him much either; I looked into his eyes, he was so innocent and kind that my heart melted when I saw him. I still don't remember the moment I met her, I was smoking in the park when I saw Diba staring at me.

I smoked the first cigarette, the second one as well. For example, I was looking at the cigarette packet to see how much tar and nicotine it had. It said tar 6 nicotine 0.3%. No, when I reached the third one, I saw a face through the smoke and asked me: Do you smoke?! As soon as I looked, I saw that it was the same girl who was winking at me. Diba, who was not at all aware of what calamities the cruel life had brought upon him...

Artificial leaf

The breezy wind takes me here and there, during my journey I saw many orange and yellow leaves that the wind had lifted and carried here and there; the wind was the only rudder of my life ship that took me wherever it wanted.

In the middle of the route, I passed through the busy streets and alleys of the city and even cafes and I saw many people socializing with each other and even with the alleys, the lonely walls of the city, the depressed traffic light that only works green, yellow and red from morning to night. or even the parks that were full of cigarette butts, I talked I experienced pleasant moments of seeing the cafes and smelling the filled coffee in the atmosphere of the cafes.

I remember the last foot of wind that left me like tired autumn leaves on the rain-soaked ground; My problem was not being abandoned by the wind or his infidelity, my problem was that I had to sit until the wind blew me again so that I could get up from the ground and not get bored; I am a bag wandering in the path of the wind that I do not intend to break down and wash my hands of life; I am immortal and eternal; I just enjoy my journey with the wind.

Black snow

In the captivating whiteness of the snowy air and through the snow that had fallen on the face of the earth, something black appeared from the far east, which came closer and closer and kept getting bigger and bigger, and its blackness in the whiteness created a snow-like landscape; It was getting closer and closer; When the scene was getting clearer and clearer, I noticed a dog that kept approaching me and seemed to be dragging a black load with him; But it's like a black and lifeless body. The dog came a little nearer, so that almost his face and the load behind him could be seen more clearly; Smoke rose from the side of the black object behind the dog; Because of the cold and burning snow, all my eyelashes were stuck together and I could not see; The dog was getting closer and closer to me with that black object every moment; I inhaled a cold breath into my lungs and smelled something like expensive hundred-dollar tobaccos; I raised my head and looked and found a lonely man in black walking through the snow with his dog, a cigarette in his hands and his rough boots and a scary stick, walking a path through the lonely road and always miraculously with his blackness, the snows It turns the whiter mother's tears into black; Really, who is this man?!