The Balcony is Deserted

by Arvin Abadi

Writers open-call: The Balcony is Deserted by Arvin Abadi

I don't know the number plate because the number plate was distorted and unknown; I was looking at the windows; A black and pus-colored building, which was hidden by the intensity of blackness in the darkness of the night, and only the four-story balcony was visible from it, which did not even have a curtain, and everything was completely clear and obvious.

The fourth floor was a couple who had just abandoned a small child; The child was crying and the mother and father were talking. It didn't take a few moments that while shouting at each other, they would switch places and one would shout at the other; The child was hanging his legs from the edge of the balcony and was also hugging the railings of the balcony and was crying. Something I did not expect happened; The husband of the same unknown woman.

With the knife he had in his hands, he killed the woman right in front of my eyes in the worst possible way, so that the blood of the torn artery of the woman splashed on the transparent glass of the window; I tried to calm him down a bit by waving a hand from a distance, but it didn't seem to help and his tears were like a curtain, preventing him from seeing me.

I turned my gaze and tried to ignore this sight when the bottom floor of the same black building caught my attention; a young man in his twenties was walking on the balcony.

Right from this side to the other side of the balcony; It was as if something had happened to him or he had a certain restlessness that I couldn't understand; In a fraction of a second, he had placed his foot in front of the balcony railings and had gone to the other side of the railings, holding his head down and looking at the ground; As if the height had a special attraction for him, I paused to see if he would throw himself down or not. But he did not throw himself down, and resumed his strange and restless pacing on the balcony; I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that he had given up trying to throw himself down.

With the same exhalation that I gave out from the chest and lungs, The second floor of the same building attracted my attention; On the first floor, there was a young boy who was sitting on the balcony regardless of the commotion of the world and was lost and tried to ignore the emptying of his house of furniture. It was as if he had been forced to leave home, but he also loved the same rotten house.

I lowered my head to see the first floor of the same building and the person standing on the balcony; It's as if all the residents of the building had arranged a predetermined appointment so that they would all come to the balcony at the same specific time; A young girl was standing on the balcony of the first floor with the protection of the building and its wall.

He did not allow to see the girl's face; I realized that she must be a young girl only from the type of her clothes, and the smoke that went from that floor to the top floor showed that she was smoking; I turned myself around a bit so that I could see more closely, and I managed to see his face; The girl had a white face, which had changed color from white to red due to crying, and she was taking a bite of her cigarette and blowing it into her lungs, as if she was carrying a hidden pain in her chest.

The residents of this building and its incidents, there were things that were happening only in a moment and I was an eyewitness of these events on the balcony facing this black building. I only came to the balcony for a few minutes to smoke a cigarette. I opened the balcony door and went inside the house and closed the door behind me; I decided to pretend that nothing happened.