Unveiling Scars: Shazia Sadiqah's Exploration of Womanhood, Society, and Courage

Shazia Sadiqah

"Child birth" by Shazia Sadiqah

In the vibrant tapestry of Jakarta's cultural milieu, Shazia Sadiqah, or Kinkowski, emerges not just as an artist and poet but as a vanguard of womanhood. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, shared histories, and the silent murmurs of countless women, her work is both a clarion call and a gentle embrace.

Sadiqah’s verses are not merely reflections of her soul but serve as a mirror to society. A mirror that reveals the inequalities, biases, and unspoken pain that women across the globe face. It is no revelation that women have been perceived, and often treated, differently — sometimes as fragile beings needing protection, sometimes as objects for desire, and sometimes as lesser beings, their voices stifled and their choices questioned.

Publications like and digital spaces like have spotlighted Sadiqah's impactful juxtaposition of the spoken and the visual, emphasizing her contribution to modern feminist art.

Taste of Scars

Her recent series, "Taste of Scars," deserves special mention. Comprising three visual-poems, each piece is a profound reflection on the physical and emotional scars that mark a woman's life. Rather ingeniously, Sadiqah employs make-up cosmetics as her medium. A product that traditionally conceals imperfections, in Sadiqah's hands, make-up transforms into a tool to lay bare her deepest vulnerabilities.

"through this series i use poetry to embrace my scars and make up to draw what they look like inside my head.”

The poems are an unfiltered gaze into society's biases.

Shazia Sadiqah

"Fibroadenoma" by Shazia Sadiqah

“Child Birth” poignant narrative tackles the deep-seated societal judgments surrounding C-section births. The external scar, as painful as it may be, pales in comparison to the internal torment of feeling 'less than.' Sadiqah confronts this prejudice head-on, emphasizing that such decisions, often life-saving, transcend shallow judgments.

A visceral account of the discovery of a lump, the frantic wait for a diagnosis, and the ultimate realization of hormonal imbalances, “Fibroadenoma” highlights the fear, anxiety, and disparities that women face. The numbness Sadiqah speaks of is both physical and metaphorical, hinting at society's tendency to desensitize itself to women's health issues.

Shazia Sadiqah

"Nude" by Shazia Sadiqah

Perhaps the most raw of the three, "Nude" explores self-harm and the myriad of emotions and reasons that drive an individual to it. This visual-poem is a heart-wrenching cry, confronting the taboo of self-infliction and urging society to truly see, rather than merely glance and judge.

Sadiqah's "Taste of Scars" is a revelation, a journey through the female psyche, and an invitation for us to be more compassionate, understanding, and accepting. She uses her art to inspire introspection and open dialogue, and for that, she stands as a beacon for many. Her poems are not just words; they are a testament to the resilience, strength, and vulnerability of every woman.

But perhaps the most profound message that emerges from Sadiqah's work is the transformative power of courage. By channelling her experiences into her art, she not only confronts her own past but also lights the path for countless others who might be struggling in silence.

For anyone feeling the weight of their scars, be they visible or hidden, know that there are resources available to help. It's never weak to seek help; it's a testament to one's strength.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please or reach out to a trusted individual in your life.