Student Arts

Samuel Odhiambo: Picturing Humanity Through Charcoal and Graphite

Samuel Odhiambo

Charcoal and graphite are traditionally associated with preliminary sketches or studies. Yet, Samuel Odhiambo, a proud alumnus of Mariwa Mixed High School's class of 2020, transforms these humble materials into a profound medium of expression. They lend a raw, unfiltered quality to his work, making the emotions portrayed on the canvas feel almost palpable.

Narratives and Emotions

One of Samuel's most commendable attributes is his ability to tune into societal undercurrents. His pieces are not merely portraits; they are tales. Each artwork carries with it a backstory, a narrative that provides context and depth.

Samuel Odhiambo Samuel Odhiambo

"Modesty" by Samuel Odhiambo

For instance, "Through His Eyes 2" sheds light on Heterochromia iridum, a rare eye condition. More than a mere depiction, it becomes an ode to the unique beauty of those with the condition and serves as a reminder to cherish diversity in all its forms.

Similarly, his "Modesty" series explores the multifaceted narratives of beauty, desires, and cultural interplay in the modern world. It's a commentary on the global amalgamation of traditions and values, urging viewers to recognize the beauty of diversity.

Samuel's artist statement succinctly captures the essence of his approach: "Desire to communicate a message and evoke feelings of self-expression." This ethos is evident in every piece he creates. His drawings are not just visual delights; they challenge, provoke, and inspire. Each piece is a conversation starter, urging viewers to introspect, empathize, and, most importantly, understand.

The hyper-realistic nature of Samuel's work is truly breathtaking. Every strand of hair, every wrinkle, every light reflection is captured with impeccable precision. This attention to detail not only showcases his extraordinary skill but also underscores the depth of his observation and understanding of his subjects.

Samuel's journey from the shores of Kisumu to the global art stage is a testament to his talent, dedication, and the powerful messages he wishes to convey. As he continues to sketch society's pains and aspirations with his charcoal and graphite, the world will undoubtedly be watching – not just seeing his art, but experiencing the myriad emotions they evoke.