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Exploring the Art and Philosophy of Mike Petrakis: A Conduit of Societal Reflection and Rediscovery

Mike Petrakis

In the realm of contemporary art, artists like Mike Petrakis catalyze a vibrant dialogue that bridges visual expression, social commentary, and deep philosophical underpinnings. His conceptual works act as mental chess, inviting viewers to discover hidden gems and mind teasers, challenging them to look twice, thrice, and continuously rediscover.

Bridging Visual Aesthetics with Philosophical Depth

Petrakis’s art philosophy springs from a perspective that is both universal and deeply humanistic: “Art should appeal to a wide audience of all social tiers.” His works aim not to reject societal symbols but rather to catalyze debates about the associations we often unconsciously attach to them. By reacting and recycling pre-established cultural images and symbols, Petrakis alters their utility and valor, guiding consumers through a journey of redefinition. He astutely tackles the corrosion of words and symbols amidst their daily consumption, nudging the viewers toward an uncharted intellectual terrain where they might unshackle themselves from fixed concepts through reeducation and rediscovery.

Multilingual and multicultural extensions in his philosophical and artistic expressions underscore modern concerns affecting our collective future. His works challenge and inspire spectators across various cultural and temporal bounds, while exploring humanity's position and attitudes toward society, nature, and technology.

His exhibition, "THE LAND OF DEMOCRACY", stands as a poignant testament to his unyielding commitment to prodding, challenging, and critiquing the foundations and superficialities of democratic societies. Petraksis does not simply present a linear narrative but constructs a terrain where the principles of democracy are explored, celebrated, questioned, and critiqued, carving out a multichapter exposition that treads from utopian ideals to the harsh realities of political pretentions.

Drawing upon his educational foundation in Graphic Art Design & Communication from ‘AKTO’ Art & Design College in Athens, Greece, Petrakis has woven a significant path through the global art landscape. His portfolio, enriched by accolades and international exhibitions, resonates with the consistent thread of questioning, challenging, and revitalizing societal symbols.

Transcending Borders: Bringing Democracy to the World

Mike Petrakis

From the published presentation of his works by organizations like the ‘Culture Sower Global Media’ in China to having his artworks featured in the U.S. and U.K. published book "Harvests Of New Millennium", and even being one of the triumphant entrants in the competition “Make Art, Make Fun Of Art”, with his works displayed on giant posters in Brooklyn and San Francisco – each milestone is a testament to his commitment to his craft and philosophy.

Noteworthy among his exhibitions are the numerous solo shows that have spanned continents – from “The Land of D€MOCRA$¥” in places like Paris, France, and Athens, Greece to "PeopleOnProduce" at M55 Art Gallery in New York, USA. His ability to incite intellectual and emotional inquiry has also led to his works being showcased in group exhibitions like the ‘Art People & Me Art Museum’ in 2022.

Petrakis’s artistic credo, “Is beautiful to have an artwork to decorate your room - space, but is more beautiful to have an artwork to decorate your mind and soul as well...” encapsulates his aspiration for his creations to transcend mere aesthetic appeal. His works, inspired by images, notions, and personal experiences drawn from global urban culture, traverse the basic principles of consumerism, politics, lifestyle, and distinctly, his own experiences.

He calls upon art to be active, innovative, revolutionary, and inspiring – to break free from static patterns and awaken and urge people to trailblaze. By using popular icons, words, and concerns that touch every human being worldwide, Petrakis artfully composes creations that resonate with each viewer in a uniquely intimate way.

His goal is not just to redefine the meaning, existence, and presence of icons and symbols but to open a dialogue that navigates through our entity, nature, and human configuration. Words within his works act as connective links of meanings, explanations, and messages, facilitating a subtle yet profound interaction between the artwork and the observer.

An art critic aptly recognized, “Mike Petrakis’s art has the geometry of Russian Avant Garde, forms of the Modernism, the messages and the substratum of Surrealism...” Indeed, his ability to redefine and reconstruct objects and icons, recalling movements like DADA and Abstract Expressionism, while exuding the color vibrancy reminiscent of Impressionism, establishes him as an artist who doesn’t merely reflect society but shapes its discourse.

His dialogue with society through art isn’t simply a reflection but an invitation – a call to dissect, understand, and most importantly, to rediscover. In Mike Petrakis’s artistic universe, every viewer embarks on a journey that extends beyond mere observation, plunging into exploration, questioning, and perhaps, an evolution of perspective. His works do not demand a passive glance; they require, instead, an active mental engagement that unfolds layers of hidden messages and philosophical enigmas. The invitation to this cerebral journey is open; the question is, how deep are we willing to delve?

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