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Cosmic Reflections: Humanity Through the Eyes of Anastasiia Novitskaya

Anastasiia Novytska

"Lost" by Anastasiia Novytska

In the vast cosmos of contemporary art, there are a few artists who transcend the ordinary and catapult us into uncharted realms. Anastasiia Novitskaya, with her unique, emotion-laden style, does precisely that, invoking both wonderment and deep contemplation.

Born in the culturally rich soils of Ukraine, Anastasiia's journey as an artist has been nothing short of serendipitous. Her innate passion for drawing burgeoned in the classrooms of her youth. By 2014, her self-discovery led her to the revered halls of Kyiv Art Gallery. Fast forward to her immersion in Poland's vibrant contemporary art scene and her subsequent move to Genoa, Italy—each phase of her journey added new layers, techniques, and inspirations to her artwork.

Beyond the Helmet

Anastasiia Novytska Anastasiia Novytska

"Birthday Lunch" and "Drifting" by Anastasiia Novytska

In Novitskaya's artistic universe, the astronaut is no ordinary spaceman. He is, metaphorically speaking, an everyman—an embodiment of humanity. He stands solitary, sometimes lost, other times contemplative, but always enveloped in a profound introspection. Each canvas captures a moment of human experience, magnified through the lens of a surreal cosmos. Yet, this cosmos is, ironically, a world of our own making.

Take "Birthday Lunch" for instance — a sublime blend of surrealism and dark comedy. At its core, it delves deep into the paradoxical human psyche — unflinching apathy amidst evident cataclysm. The choice of juxtaposing a regular café scene with a catastrophic backdrop is jarringly ironic. The cosmonaut, engrossed in his self-help book, while a world implodes outside, becomes a searing reflection of our modern existence — often aloof and self-centered. It’s a powerful commentary on denial, disconnection, and perhaps even the indestructible hope that defines human resilience.

"Lost" and "Drifting" take this reflection deeper, emphasizing not just the physical dislocation from our environment, but an emotional and spiritual alienation. The astronaut, though on Earth, appears as out of place as one would on a distant planet. Novitskaya prompts the viewer to ask: have we, with our actions, rendered our home planet alien? Have we pushed ourselves into a realm of self-imposed exile?

Anastasiia Novytska Anastasiia Novytska

"Consequences" and "Memories" by Anastasiia Novytska

This sense of dislocation culminates in "Consequences." Here, the stark barren landscape with the astronaut looking at a dried sea evokes a sense of loss and regret. The 'I voted' sticker is a stinging reminder that this desolation is a consequence of our collective choices. The astronaut becomes a symbol of remorse, confronting the repercussions of humanity's disregard for nature.

"Memories" encapsulates the culmination of this emotional journey. The astronaut, representing mankind, is desperately trying to grasp the remnants of a world lost. Painting memories of a greener, vibrant Earth, he becomes a testament to our innate longing for connection, nostalgia for what was, and the deep-seated human desire to preserve beauty.

Through the recurring motif of the astronaut, Novitskaya elegantly weaves a narrative of humanity's journey in the modern era—a journey marked by denial, realization, loss, and hope. The astronaut, though seemingly adrift in the vastness of space, is profoundly grounded in the human experience. He becomes a mirror reflecting our fears, hopes, regrets, and aspirations.

In essence, Anastasiia Novitskaya's body of work is not just an exploration of the astronaut's odyssey in surreal landscapes but a profound introspection into humanity's soul. The spacesuit-clad figure stands as a testament to our struggles and triumphs, constantly urging viewers to reflect on our place in the universe, our relationship with our home, and our responsibility towards it.

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