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Unveiling the Canvas of Emotion: The Resilient and Abstract World of Artist oshi

  Stereo Hearts by oshi

Stereo Heartbeats by oshi, Acrylic, oil pastel, ballpoint pen, charcoal, digitally printed images, and bubble wrap

In the realm of art, stories are often woven into the threads of colors, shapes, and textures, crafting a tapestry that speaks to the emotions and experiences of the artist. oshi, a mixed media artist entrenched in the abstract expressionist approach, shares a profoundly vibrant yet chaotic symphony of his inner world through his artworks.

Roots and Resilience

Born and raised in Japan, oshi encountered numerous storms on his life journey, including battling high-functioning autism, chronic depression, and social anxiety. These challenges, intertwined with harrowing experiences of child abuse and school/social bullying, have significantly shaped his perspectives and thus, his art. His educational journey led him to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and later, Western Connecticut State University, where he refined his artistic skills and developed his distinctive style, which can be seen in his current works.

oshi does not just create art. He breathes it into existence, adopting an incredibly impulsive and spontaneous approach to his work. Every swirl of acrylic paint, every unscripted stroke of the oil pastel, and every seemingly chaotic amalgamation of materials like sumi ink, nylon, or Japanese washi paper are authentic representations of his emotions and thoughts at the moment of creation. His works, devoid of preplanned structure or intentional messaging, serve as genuine, raw glimpses into his experiences and emotions, particularly highlighting his struggles with social isolation and alienation.

Defining himself as a "semi-outsider artist," oshi’s artworks curate a unique blend of both insider and outsider artistry. His utilization of various materials, from ballpoint pens and newspapers to cotton fabric, allows him to explore and express his artistic voice without limitations. When engaging with wet media like acrylic paint, oshi dismisses the conventional use of paintbrushes, opting instead to squeeze the paint directly from the tube or utilize his fingers, furthering his commitment to impulsive creation.

oshi's artworks, vibrating with an electric spontaneity and emotional resonance, serve not just as pieces to be admired from afar but as palpable fragments of his soul that embed themselves into the canvas of his creations. His life's tapestry, intricately woven with threads of resilience, heartache, and an unwavering devotion to authentic expression, is beautifully mirrored through his abstract pieces, each telling a story far beyond what meets the eye.

Jazz Noise: Poem 1837 by oshi

Jazz Noise: Poem 1837 by oshi, Acrylic, oil pastel, ballpoint pen, Japanese washi paper, charcoal, and newspaper

Expressing the Unexpressed

In "The Gift", vibrant hues of dark-blue and neon green cascade across the canvas, emerging as a visual dance that deftly intertwines the chaotic with the exuberant. Much like oshi's life, where dark shadows of his past traumas coexist with the luminous resilience that defines him, the artwork does not shy away from juxtaposing elements of darkness and light. The beige paper, speckled with whimsically drawn doodles, introduces a child-like innocence, perhaps a melancholic nod to the childhood oshi endured, yet simultaneously highlighting his ability to extract light amidst darkness.

The robust reds and chaotic smears across “Stereo Heartbeats” delve deeper than mere aesthetic appeal, providing a raw, unfiltered visual representation of oshi’s emotional and psychological rhythm. His social anxiety and depression, often an internal cacophony of disjointed and discordant beats, find a voice amidst the colorful chaos. The comical eye elements dotting the piece, may symbolize his own gaze - constantly observing, introspecting, and searching amidst the societal noise, for a space where his heartbeats, though stereo, find a symphony that understands and accepts them.

“Jazz Noise: Poem 1837” is a textual and visual sonnet of an artist who has often found solace in his own company, folding and unfolding his experiences through each crease of the Japanese washi paper. The origami-like structure, comprised of various colorful newspaper pieces, might reflect oshi’s internal mechanism of folding away pain, yet paradoxically unfolding expressions through his art. Amidst the vibrant volumes and colors lies the veiled reality of oshi’s life, where each fold is a poetic stanza that speaks of isolation, struggles, and the undying ember of hope that sparks his creativity.

The Gift by oshi

The Gift by oshi, Cotton fabric, acrylic, tracing paper, ballpoint pen, and paper

Emotional Conduit

oshi’s belief that abstract expressionist artworks should serve as pure, impulsive expressions of deep and sincere emotions shines prominently through his creations. His works stand as testament to the power of using art as a conduit for emotion, particularly emotions wrought from a lifetime of hardship, resilience, and a pursuit of identity and belonging.

In a world often insistent upon explicit messages and clear meanings, oshi’s artworks disrupt the narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves within the layers of color, texture, and form, and derive their own meanings and connections. His art does not just reflect his own emotional states and experiences but also serves as an evocative mirror, prompting those who gaze upon it to explore their own emotional depths and perceptions. His pieces are not merely artworks; they are windows into the soul of a resilient individual who has navigated the complex tapestry of life, expressing unspoken tales of struggle, survival, and a relentless passion for art.

Through spontaneous strokes and an expressive palette, oshi doesn't just create; he communicates, offering the world a glimpse into the chaotic yet profoundly beautiful recesses of his mind and soul, illustrating that art, in its purest form, remains an unbridled expression of the self.

Every canvas tells a story, and within the abstract chaos of oshi’s work, there is a resilient spirit whispering tales of pain, perseverance, and unabashed authenticity. Thus, each piece becomes a journey, inviting the viewer to lose themselves within the folds and colors, and perhaps, discover pieces of their own story intertwined within oshi’s abstract tapestry.

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